Trademark Properties

Updated December 1 2023


Registration / Application Number




TILT 6,285,510 035 Registered US
TILT 5,546,094 012 Registered US
TILT 6,399,163 025 Registered US
TILT 6,823,808 012, 028 Registered US
TILT 1,616,033 012 (push scooters …, bicycle parts … ), 025 (clothing)  Registered International RegistrationDesignated Countries: Australia (protection granted in Class 012);Canada (pending); China (protection granted in Class 025);EU (protection granted in Classes 012, 025);UK (protection granted in Classes 012, 025);Russian Federation (protection granted in Classes 012, 025)
CAPSULE COLLECTIVE 5,616,230 035 Registered US
HEAD TUBE (trade dress) 98/011,451 012 Pending US


Tilt’s welded fender design, oblong rear dropout design, the block logo rendering of TILT, and other marks as set forth on our website and products are also valued trademarks and trade dress of Capsule Collective.