Pittsburgh 2014

Tom and Jordan started out from Chicago to meet up with Josh, Dylan and Chris in Columbus, Ohio. From there the crew drove straight to a Denny's in Pittsburgh and started the day off right. The first spot was an abandoned school that required a quick fence hop to enter the creepy premises. Tom got a funky manual to board on a hard to get to rail. Dylan attempted a massive tail grab to water ditch. Dylan got cashed pretty trying to keep up speed for the gap. After getting a couple shots in the front we got the kick by a friendly cop that asked 20 questions about scooters and pointed us towards a couple bmx parks. On our way into the city, we scoped out a few spots and landed at a loading dock. We got kicked out 30 minutes into it and decided to go grab some pizza from a sketch spot that was as dirty as a San Francisco underpass. Once we returned to the car, the person that kicked us out left so we lit the spot up. The second day it was suppose to rain so we hit a spot we knew had coverage. We got the boot as soon as we showed up. We lingered for a bit but were threatened with a call to the cops. As we finally left, one of the employee's told us when the guy normally leaves. We hit another spot and as we started to get warmed up, the rain came. We sat around watching videos on our phones as we waited, but Dylan couldn't sit still. He was either spinning around on his back wheel, doing 360s, or bombing hills in the rain. Finally the time had reached for us to go back to the previous spot. We played hide and seek with the guy that kicked us out and then started riding. We got what we wanted and peaced. The third day we started it off right with Kings Family Restaurant which we had later that night with a whole apple pie and cinnamon ice cream. Hit it up if you're ever in the PA.

The first spot we went to was a long ledge into a sketchy bank. Both Jordan & Tom were trying the same trick. It was about 9 or 10am and we encountered some unusual stuff. An older lady in her night gown in the middle of this neighborhood watching us ride. A Will Smith look a like that had the same birthday as Tom but 19 years apart. A classic drug dealer car crept by and started chatting with us and then said they would be back. They kept pointing out that we were filming and we thought they might want our gear, so we landed everything and dipped out. Bombed some more hills. Checked out Martin Luther King school. Filmed Josh for about 2 hours on this nose blunt to finger whip out that he killed him self on. He never quite got it. Jordan casually filmed while laying down. Grabbed water from 3 girls drinking forties on there stoop... After we packed things up, we were on our way to Carnegie Mellon. Tom insisted on using his TOM TOM. We got lost about a million times. We got to see some cool views, but when you just want to go ride you get pretty irritated and can't enjoy the scenery. His TOM TOM really sucks, but mainly it was Pittsburgh's dumb roads that are old, don't make sense, and are too close to each other. As we rode around Carnegie, a security guard stopped us and pointed out the spot we were looking for but she kept hassling us and asking for our ID's and where we were from. We bounced and rode downtown for awhile cruising taking in some sights. The last day was all about hill bombs and Tom hitting this gap to rail that he had been trying to find for a really long time. The best way to sum up Pittsburgh is stupid roads, a little pricey, good spots, dirty outside the city, and medium to high spot bust rate. The people are very interesting to say the least.

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