Pretty much everyone knows what SD9 is, but what most people don’t know is its one big filming trip for Tilt. Half of the team got picked up along the drive in the Tilt Van coming from Chicago. The other half flew in to San Diego. Once everyone was in San Diego, it was all smiles and high fives. Straight out of the airport, a couple homies randomly spotted us while we were splitting up gear, and they were down to show us some spots that were close. We threw them in the van and started driving. The first spot we got the boot in 10 minutes. We drove down a couple blocks and started to hit a college and again within 10 minutes we got kicked. We then found a cool rail hop that Erik hit 1st try. Night came quick, so we went to the hotel to chill in the hot tub and get some grub. The next couple of days we hit Home Ave ditch, came across a sweet mellow rail to trick in and out of, and checked out a school with a double rail hop. We got yelled at by locals because we were in a ditch out back making their dogs bark and found out that if the cops would of caught us it was a $380 fine. We booked out of there and ended up passing the cops in the van as we were leaving. After jumping so many fences it was nice to know that tomorrow was the SD event. Our total bust vs rideable spots was 4 out of 8.

At SD the crew mainly chilled, hung out with all the homies, devoured 3 pizza’s in minutes, watched some of the contest and got yelled at again by angry moms that couldn't see over us. Oh and Issac got sticker slapped. After the event we still had some daylight, so we went to 3 spots and lit them up. For only having half a day to film we ended up getting 11 clips. The next morning we packed the van to the ceiling and headed to San Francisco. Half way into the drive Collin pulled off on some road and the entire team got out to piss. Tom ended up winning longest trail. A little bit further in the drive we randomly pulled off and drove down some dirt roads. We got a nice portrait of the team and some B-roll for TILT2. Sleeping in the van is probably one of the hardest things to do. You have two options, you either put your head on the seat in front of you or you lean up against the window and have your head rattle off. Either one you do, you have a sore back by the end of the 7 hour drive. That drive actually turned into 14 hours on the road. Once we finally got to Oakland we hit up a Denny’s where we got the worst Denny’s experience to ever be had in the entire world. Service and food were so bad that it was funny. Everyone had wrong orders, forgotten items, missing silverware and the whole experience took forever. Good times for sure.

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