Day three in San Francisco was the filming of the Tilt 2 intro. We ghetto rigged the back door to stay open while Chris held onto the camera/tripod and filmed while Collin drove. If you have ever been in the van with Collin you know thats gnarly and we even had to blow a stop sign going about 20mph to get it. Once we split up for the day it went great for the Tilt van getting some good action but for the rental car it went way south. Lots of driving around and spot bust so they ended up checking out the golden gate bridge. They did scope out a killer school for after sunset sesh. We all met at the school that night which was in a neighborhood. Lighting it up was going to be risky but we felt like it was worth it. A lot of people were either watching us ride through their windows or hanging out on the street corners confused but intrigued. A couple cleaning people went into the school while we had the lights up and they seemed concerned but didn’t want to confront us. We hopped the fence in the back and lit up a 17 stair. Issac got the clip 1st try and the whole team started yelling in excitement. Tom started lining up for his trick but some lady drove by and said she called the cops and one of the cleaning guys came out and said we had to go. I have never seen a set up get torn down so quickly and packed in the van. We are talking lights, light stands, generator, gas can, extension cords, two HVX’s, 7D and flash all over a 10ft fence in about 90 seconds. The next day we drove around together hitting the same spots and getting portraits of the team for the website. We did a quick stop at Wallenberg just to peep it. There were a bunch of kids practicing basketball and a random yoga group but before we knew it, Issac was throwing himself down the set. Re-opened his hand again but in the end he landed the trick. Three times might I add but they weren’t as clean the first two times.

After Wallenberg we hit up Twin Peaks to check it out and see the sunset and take some photos. Mostly everyone still wanted to ride so we drove around for a bit and ended up at a ledge/mani pad. The main reason was for Jordan to get a clip but everyone else ended up getting something but he couldn’t pull through. We went back to the hotel, ate some pizza and went over the 2015 spring/summer apparel drop. By time we finished up it was close to 2am. Since this was our last night and tomorrow we had a long van ride so some of us decided to stay up all night and go out riding. Ralph didn’t even change out of his pajamas as we hit the streets. It was pretty interesting and fun but holy crap were we tired when that sun came up. On our way back to LA we stopped at Big Sur. Jona was pretty much asleep for the whole thing until we took one of the sketchiest roads up some mountains with vertical drops that would keep us rolling all the way to the ocean if we went off. Jona was not about that life at all. As part of the crew split off at Ralph’s house to hangout and film the other part drove the van back to Chicago with stops in Vegas, Canyonlands National Park, Breckenridge ski resort, Denver and from there we drove straight to the Tilt House. Some things that need to be noted is Collin peeing on people’s houses, actually Collin just peeing where ever he wants. Tom K going through a red light in front of a cop and the cop not doing anything. Going to a school while in session and getting kicked out because Ralph was smoking. The teacher then realized we were riding the spot and then got kicked out for scootering. Blaring Taylor Swift in the van and the whole vehicle rocking back and forth. Erik and Tom both having birthdays during the trip. The team battling to charge their phone inside the van and one hell of a time in the bay.

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