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Rusted Never Busted : Cleveland

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We headed out early the next day, hit our classic bagel shop and then we were off to Cleveland. The first Cleveland spot was this huge DIY with quarters everywhere. It was sketchy, but also had some of the best DIY tranny we’ve seen. There was a dude living there who made us help out with the work in exchange for letting us ride. At first he questioned every trick we did to make sure we didn’t destroy the copping but then he realized we knew how to ride.

Next up was a dam in the back of a cemetery. It really confuses us sometimes how Dylan finds these spots. Once we get there some of us realized this was in the vans movie. Tom and Issac weren’t too hyped at the spot and felt like they couldn’t do much but then they pulled some tricks out like they normally do. Tom got a downside fullwhip, Issac pulled a downside fingerwhip and Dylan stuck a 360 over the guard rail.

One of the most fun Cleveland spots was the infamous brown banks. What was apparently a skatepark way back in the day is now ridden as a street spot. While TomK and Erik filmed real clips, Jon and Issac were getting barefoot clips and hopping a fence to get into the pool to get their hair wet.

It was pretty hard to shoot photos here and Josh was already trying to claim his spot to film so Chris slid in-between his legs and snapped some pics. It definitely looked weird but whatever you got to do to get the shot.

It’s always an experience going to spots in the projects. We hit up this weird old fountain structure in a school in the ghetto because it has a really good fly-out step-up. This spot is notorious for crews getting jacked and full camera setups being stolen. We figured we had a big enough crew that no one should mess with us. It wasn’t long before hordes of bored, unsupervised children came to see what was happening.

We had to keep a close watch on our scooters because they were all asking to ride them. A couple of the older kids were actually really cool and fascinated with the riding but the majority of them stayed in the way. One kid was riding around on his own little electric ATV. Unfortunately, he didn’t let us give it a go. He did, however, let Collin skitch the back of it and took him for a spin.

The last spot of the trip was the banger spot. We showed up to this rail hop right as the sun was setting right next to the Browns Stadium. There were some other rails there, but we weren’t sure what was really doable. Sure enough, the crew started throwing down. Jona hits the double rail hop into bank while Issac does a lipslide down the 14 stair handrail.

Tom got funky with a boardslide through the kink hop over and threads the needle while dodging freeway on ramp traffic. Jon ended the trip with a huge fingerwhip over a bar height rail to a six foot drop. Other Cleveland highlights include getting ice cream at a shop converted from a movie theater, celebrating Ralph’s birthday at the hotel, and extreme pool chair jumping at the hotel. It was one good ass trip.

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Cleveland 2015

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With about a weeks notice, some of the Columbus homies took the CR-V to Cleveland to ride some new spots. The crew consisted of Dylan Kasson, Chris Martin, Josh Smukal, Kyle Arnholt and Max Lemonds. We got to Cleveland later than we wanted because Kyle left his scooter in his other car but we still cruised around and checked out some spots. A Clevelander and fellow rider, Nick Schroth was nice enough to house us for the night. The next morning we rode some spots outside of the city. Eric Zanath ended up hopping in the CR-V which meant 4 deep in the back seat. Every spot except for one that we went to, someone got a clip or a photo which is pretty odd. We only got kicked out of two spots. The first one, the security guard said it was cool and just be safe

but then the owner came out and told us we had to leave and that we couldn’t play here. Dylan got heated when he called scootering playing so we stuck around and rode for another 5 minutes until Dylan got the clip. The second time the cop was really nice about it. He understood that it was a nice day and we were just trying to have a good time. The whole trip involved endless chipotle lines, mobbing the streets of Cleveland, Skitching cars, talking Kyle into trying tricks, Josh and Kyle’s first trip together while being on Downside, Finding the two Hellagrip sheets that Jonny 2b left behind, dodging people as we cut through the rock and roll hall of fame ceremonies and hitting up a weird fountain bank spot right next to the projects.

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