Chicago Street Jam 2014

This was our 4th annual street jam, and it was definitely one for the books. The number of riders went uncounted, but we would like to think it was around 10,000. The Tilt crew along with 20-30 riders started in Mokena and took the train in. From there they took a small cruise through the streets to meet up at the starting point, Union Station. Immediately upon arrival the Chicago Street Jam was underway. With $1,500 cash up for grabs plus gear the riders mobbed the streets. The first spot was Fulton Market where we had one of the owners cars waiting to be gapped over. One rider tried a gnarly front flip over the car and ended up breaking his ankle. After Collin's car had been beaten down and dented, time came to mash over to the NBC tower to hit the clock ledges. This is where people had time to get a little technical and get that cash. Once the mob's energy died down, the cruising continued to the next spot. With cars turning around and bridges being covered with scooters like ants, the city clearly didn't know what to do. The third spot was a flat 9 rail at Butler Field in Grant Park.

Right away tricks were being thrown and didn't stop until the bangers came out. After too much hype, the riders went to an unexpected cool down spot at the stage ledges. After everyone had some time to rest those feet, it was off to the ender. The last spot was the massive Buckingham 12 also located in grant park. Everyone gave it a solid look and determined right there whether they were hitting or observing. A select few threw down and snagged cash to bring back home. Before the jam could end, a bike cop pulled up and tried to shut it down. He said he had reports of some unsafe maneuvers happening down some stairs and that's why he showed up. As he turned his bike sideways to block the stairs, the riders ran to the other set right next to it to set up and land their last tricks. After the cop realized he was defeated, he joined the crowd along with many other Chicagoans and watched in awe. All in all, very little injuries occurred and a lot of good vibes were sent out through the entire scooter community. We thank everyone that was a part of this amazing time. Until next year.

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