Cali 2015

Flying away from the snow, Jordan, Erik, and Dylan arrived at Ralphs house. Well, Erik ended up missing his flight but the crew picked him up the next morning at the airport. Alex Steadman drove up from Arizona. It was a warm day and without a care in the world, they zoomed out of Ralph’s neighborhood. As they accelerated on the freeway ramp they were met with a gridlocked highway, it was official, they were in LA. They quickly realized their next ten days were going to be sitting in a car. This wasn’t there only problem. They arrived on a Friday and were heading out ten days later on a Monday. This allowed four weekend days and six weekdays. Regardless of the city, riding street on weekdays is tough. People are working, walking, driving, and sitting on all the spots you are trying to ride. You also cant forget other riders. Jordan ended up posting a spot on instagram and before they knew it, 20 riders were there to hang out. This is cool and all but it always ends in a quick bust or too many people riding the same spot which is hard for filming. With that said, they thought of spots that simply didn’t have anybody there at anytime. The most common types of spots like this are ditches, DIY’s, abandoned businesses, and businesses after hours.

When you want to go to a spot in Los Angeles there are a lot of factors that dictate if you should go to it other than the desire. The major issue being if the spot stills exists. There has been many times when the team thinks they are in the wrong place, but the spot is wiped from the earth because they would rather demolish it instead of cap it. If they go to a well-known spot on a weekend, it is almost guaranteed there are multiple skate crews filming for their top-secret ground breaking video part. Spring break for schools is never a consistent time country wide like Christmas break so the team would search online to see if they were on break before going to a school. Erik and Ralph were in need of the most footage to finish their parts so the priority was on them. Everyday the team left the house at 11am and didn’t get back until 11pm. It was an intense trip with the non stop driving and riding all over Southern California. They all emerged with some more clips to put on the timeline, and photos to add to this article. This was the last official filming trip for Tilt 2 so what was filmed is the final material that will go into the film. The trip was successful because through all the setbacks that occur navigating the real world as a street rider, they managed to focus on the goal of finishing the video.

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