Wholesale Policy


By ordering you certify that you are a business recognized at the federal and state level to make tax-exempt purchases for the purpose of resale. If you are in the state of Michigan you must provide a resale permit number. All other businesses are required to provide a Federal Tax ID number.

Packaging for Resale

Do not remove the warning labels from the product. It is the retailer's duty to ensure that Tilt products are sold including the packaging (if warning label is on the packaging), warning sticker (if warning sticker is loose in product carton), and affixed warning sticker (if warning label is applied to the product).


No minimum order amount is currently in place.


Payment is due upon shipping. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. We do not currently accept checks and bank transfers. We do not currently offer credit terms.


Free shipping is available. View TILT’s complete shipping policy here.


TILT’s return policy can be found here.


All products are assumed in stock and available immediately unless otherwise stated. If we made a stocking mistake, TILT Customer Service will issue a refund for the amount of the unavailable product and contact you.


All North American wholesale accounts receive a 44.0% discount from MSRP. No other discounts may be applied to wholesale orders.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Order Process

You must be logged in to view and purchase at wholesale pricing. If products are added to the cart before logging in, the wholesale discount may be applied incorrectly.

A quick order page can be found under My Account > Quick Order.

Order Cancellations

Orders may be revised or cancelled before the order ships. TILT does not store credit card information and can not charge for additional amounts without creating an additional invoice.


Items may not be resold through marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc and may only be resold through the retailers brick and mortar store or the retailers own website.

Items include all of TILT and Friendly products.

Minimum Advertised Price

Items may not be advertised as less than MSRP as listed on www.tiltlife.com.


You and your store agree to fulfill warranty claims per Tilt's Warranty Policy. As long as the product replaced is within Tilt's Warranty Policy, Tilt will credit the wholesale cost of the part during your next order as a refunded amount. Warranties must be emailed to Tilt within 30-days of the claim in order to receive a credit. Shipping and associated costs of warranty are seen as cost of doing business as retail store and are neither reimbursed nor credited by Tilt.


TILT has the right to open accounts, close accounts, and refuse service at its own discretion. No written and verbal notice is required.