Chicago Street Jam 2015

The weekend hit off with the TILT Shop BBQ. No advertising keeps things tight with the homies when we pull the ramps and grill out. The night is always rad. We get to see our best friends from all corners of the world. Behind the scenes, some of the crew had a long day up in Chicago setting up for the CSJ and TILT2 Premiere. The next morning, the CSJ met up at Grant Skate Park. Little did we know, Zumiez was hosting a skate event there later that day. Thankfully we didn't shut too much down. A heavier trick selection was thrown down on scooters while we were just meeting up than at the actual skate comp. We got out of there just after noon. The first spot was a giant bank to bike rack gap. Everyone threw down hard over the gap, down the rail, down the set, everything. The cops came by and shut things down. Donkey Dick was up next - a classic Chicago rail spot. Shoutout to all the gnarly combos that were thrown down. We peaced out once the tricks started dying down. Next up was an angle iron ledge in the Fulton Market, but cars were in the way. All the pros sesh'd a dumpster and a van while the ams battled it out for prizes on a ledge nearby.

A short cruise over to a couple stair sets was a prime spot for a best line. Plywood was staged on another stair set for easy run up. Heavy combos went down the sets and the rails. The last spot was insane - Halsted Gap. The gap is setup on top of abandoned shipping containers and was a staple spot in Chicago for years. A homeless guy calls it home and litters the spot with 40oz bottles. About half the bottles double as his bathroom. Coming up short isn't an option unless you're down with getting peppered with glass and pee. Even though we're just scootering in an abandoned lot, the cops came in hard. Five police cruisers rolled up, and the jam was shut down for the day. Everyone took a chiller for a couple hours and rendezvoused at the TILT2 Premiere for a high jump, product toss, and of course the video. Things got tight when everyone crammed in for the single showing. The TILT crew got together in the lobby with free posters and a signing after the showing. Thanks to everyone who made the trek to Chicago, parents who were down to support their kids, and everyone who came out to the TILT2 Premiere. See you all next year.

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