Rider Support Terms and Conditions


TILT will stand behind the products riders buy and ride hard through either replacement parts or discount codes.

Due to shipping costs and complexities, only replacement parts terms are available outside of the United States and Canada. See below:


Replacement Parts

All TILT products are warrantied from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Sentry Bars and Hybrid Bars are Thrash Resistant and come with a lifetime warranty. TILT will cover all Sentry Bars and Hybrid Bars as long as the bars are not modified beyond cut to size.

Wheels come with a 90-day warranty against chunking and de-hubbing. Urethane must be cleanly separated from the metal hub with no urethane residue on the metal hub. This clean separation defines chunking and de-hubbing as opposed to normal failures due to gnarly riding.

Replacement parts are for the original purchaser and are non-transferable. Proof of purchase must be presented at time of claim.

The following is not covered under product replacement:

  • - Stripped thread holds, stripped or broken bolts, and bent or broken washers.
  • - Damage caused by improper adjustment or normal wear and tear.
  • - Improper installation of bearings into wheels
  • - Flat spotting of wheels
  • The following will void the product replacement:

  • - Product modification.
  • - Stripping, sanding, or in any way removing anodized and painted surfaces.
  • - Removing material.
  • - Adding slit to handlebars.
  • - Purposeful damage of product
  • - Dyeing and discoloring of urethane
  • - Failure to provide proof of purchase
  • TILT reserves the right to exchange a damaged product with an alternate model and color.

    If an item has been previously replaced by TILT, the replaced product cannot be replaced again. See below for discount option.


    20% Discount

    If a product is believed to be damaged outside of the conditions listed under warranty, a 20% discount code may be offered. The discount code expires after 14 days of being issued. If unused, the code expires and cannot be regenerated. The discount code is only valid on tiltlife.com. The discount code cannot be used with any additional discounts.

    All products that have been requested through rider support must be original TILT products. TILT reserves the right to refuse a rider support request at any point of the request process for any reason.