Rider Support

No matter what is wrong with your TILT product, rider support has your back. Shipping both ways is free. Having a defective part and being an original purchaser is required for a replacement product. For all other parts regardless of how thrashed they are, we'll back you with a 20% off coupon code. Help us help you by sending your product in. We use each part to improve our products and after that every part is recycled.

Once this form is completed, you will receive a UPS return label. We must receive the complete part so be sure to send in any broken pieces. After receiving and reviewing the part, we will grant either the replacement product or coupon code. As of right now, the 20% coupon option is only valid for fourteen days for North America customers due to shipping costs and complexities. International customers are welcome to complete the form and may be granted a replacement product if within the terms and conditions. The full terms and conditions can be viewed here.